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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

CD Reviews 2008

CD reviews
DC Larson (copyright 2008, David Larson)

"In Stereo" (self)

Carbonated hijinx lured through a
kaleidoscope of upbeat melodies and exuberant
ruminations. Tends toward light, when some
other modern-times, rock'n'roll grounded alt-pop
combos favor heat.

Recommended Tracks "Ready Steady Go," "Sheila"

Brian Pepper
"Lost Days" (Ten-O-Nine)

Brian pens tunes straight from the heart, recalling
some of Bruce's more reflective motivational
ballad moments. All tunes here are originals, which
argues further for artistic regard. Brian's vocals are
both poignant and ground-level expressive. And
when the sweeping guitars, declarative keys and
decisive rhythms are joined by violin and cello,
"singer/songwriter" -- though eminently apt --
fails to convey the sheer force.

Recommended Tracks "Lost Days, "Louisiana Bound"

Sic Fu*ks
"Live, October 13, 2006 - The Bowery Collection" (MVD)

1970s NYC's raging punk deviants probably got
as far professionally as they ever could have.
Their demeanor was too coarse and rude for
the corporate, Don Kirshner outside world. (Blondie
had the charm and the game-playing smarts.)
This reunion disc captures the self-defining cool,
the wanton posture, and the bared scars.

Recommended Tracks "St Louis Sucks," "Insects Rule My World"

Eleven Hundred Springs
"Country Jam" (Palo Duro)

In which a crack assemblage of knowing players
demolish the false notion that country is sedate
and 'out of it,' This is real, knock-down country,
raw and sparkling, and it moves. Look for cameos
by Lloyd Maines, Nick Curran, others.

Recommended Tracks "Every Time I Get Close To You," "Whose Heart Are You Breaking Tonight? "

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