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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

CD Reviews: Mar/Apr 2006

CD REVIEWS Mar/Apr 2006
DC Larson

(All reviews copyright (c) Rockabilly Magazine, reprinted by permission)

Johnny Cash
"Legend of Johnny Cash" (Universal Music)

And the flesh was made music. 1950s Sun thrust
flows easily into 1960s Columbia and post-millennial
Rick Rubin-produced work. Johnny was indeed an
American Music legend. Make that "is."

Recommended Tracks "Get Rhythm," "Jackson,"
"One Piece At a Time," "Hurt"

The Knitters
"The Modern Sounds Of..." (Zoe)

Rather than trawling impersonal archives,
scholars intent on preserving the popular
record would do better to sift common
experiences. For amid miscellaneous
aspirations, despairs and dreams lies
definitional character. The Knitters
understand as much and affectionately
honor the soundtrack that was.

Recommended Tracks "Give Me My
Flowers While I'm Living," "Long Chain

Phantom Rockers
"On The Loose" (Split 7)

World-class Metallic KO hooky psycho
with punk snarl and sinew means guitars
on 11 and volcanic drums forward. Mark
Burke beats a brick doghouse and howls
moonward as befits a possessed soul.
Innocents beware.

Recommended Tracks "Dr Lector,"
"The Boogieman"

Los Super 7
"Heard It On the X" (Telarc)

Rock'n'roll hails many fathers. An
all-star cast enriches this paean to
50s/60s multicultural Pirate Radio.
Fiesta jubilance, Texas two-step
provocation and deep blues
resignation commingle like long -
separated bloods at a joyous reunion.
E Pluribus Unum with a beat.

Recommended Tracks "I'm Not That
Kat (Anymore)" (John Hiatt), "My Window
Faces The South" (Lyle Lovett)

Social Distortion
"Sex, Love and Rock'n'roll" (Time Bomb)

Survivors of the 80s California Punk Uprising,
Social D now temper welcome ferocity with
instrumental maturity. Mike Ness's narratives
have grown wise, whereas they once were
naturally wiseass. Punch with perspective.
Comes from surviving.

Recommended Tracks "Reach For the Sky,"
"Highway 101"

Southern Culture On The Skids
"Doublewide and Live" (Yep Roc)

Like a 60s beach wig-out flick cut with a 50s
JD rampage, SCOTS come off as concerned
primarily with careening experiance rather than
medium niceties. Which is, of course, exactly as
it should be for those so wailing-bent. And qualified.

Recommended Tracks "The Wet Spot," "Liquored Up"

Kirk Fletcher
"Shades of Blue" (Delta Groove Productions)

From somewhere way down deep, this college-age,
old school blues acolyte hefts genuineness that
transcends rote footstep-following. Respectful nods
to forebears preface personal muse orations. Kirk's
strings-on-fire testifying bespeaks stirring potency.

Recommended Tracks "Blues For Boo Boo," "Club

Boneyard Brawlers
"the blood red ep" (Lude Boy)

Behind his battered desk, the Lieutenant
stabbed out a Lucky. "What else you got?"

Opening the last folder, the Detective ticked off
offenses. "Stalking, hate guitar, homicide, beat-down
drums, demonic debauchery, ritual bass-slapping. You
know, Animal rock'n'roll." Looking up. "These guys"
waving a photo "are the Boneyard Brawlers. Just plain

The Lieutenant squinted. "Sound pretty dangerous."

"That ain't the half of it."

Recommended Tracks "blood red," "no reflection"

Back In the Day, 1983

American Patrol
"Backseat Boogie" (Vanity)

Swing, jump blues and rockabilly, joined. Roll -
back-the-rug material is impelled by a fluidic
guitar/sax cooperative. Leader singer/guitarist
Jerry Sikorski offered a mature, diversified approach
that drew judiciously on 40s/50s flair. An unsung

Recommended Tracks "Shake the Roof," "Texas and

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