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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

CD Reviews: Nov/Dec 2006

CD REVIEWS November/December 2006
by DC Larson

(All reviews copyright (c) Rockabilly Magazine, reprinted with permission)

Three Blue Teardrops
"Rust Belt Trio" (self)

Returning to the studio 14 years subsequent to sterling
debut "Poised To Hate," the 2006 Teardrops evince
all of their salad days's rambunctiousness, now with
matured assurance. Come for the playing, stay for the

Recommended Tracks "I'm Still Standin' Here,"
"Damage Control"

"Rock'n'Roll Train, Best of the Madhouse Years" (Raucous)

Since the 1980s, England's Restless has enjoyed due
reverence as master neo-rockabilly icons. Their superb
efforts unionize careening drive and artfully variegated
construction. That singer Mark Harman is as well a deft
guitarslinger and enabled by fierce partisans (including
brother Paul) further enriches.

Recommended Tracks "The Face," "Mo Mama More"

Truly Lover Trio
"Dance" (Twinkletone)

Were only the clever crafting of such trippingly attractive
pop/rock'n'roll material as easy as multi-instrumentalist
Marcel Riesco makes it seem. Indigenous, appealing
hooks abound in this steamy-hot record date. Know too
that sparkling, fun-forward personality is a cheering

Recommended Tracks "Baby Come On," "Spring Fever"

Shaun Kama and the Kings of the Wild Frontier
"Dear Scarecrow" (Boston Crown)

To call this simply an exuberant exercise in rambling,
country-grounded narrative weaving would be to
neglect the chilling psychobilly factor. Big, loud and
darkly-rendered. Ominous visitors include members
of Three Bad Jacks, Fishbone and Demented Are Go.

Recommended Tracks "Lost Lonely Road,"
"Ghost of the Twilight Storm"

"Beyond the Grave" (Fiend Force/Cargo)

The outrageous soundtrack demanded by singer /
guitarist Daniel DeLeon's psycho diatribes and
ghastly eroticisms comes from a crew including
former Tiger Army and Nekromantix perpetrators.
"She's a laser-whipping creature and a one-eyed
beast / dancing in the graveyard, makes me weak
in the knees." Who the Hell left the gate open?

Recommended Tracks "Devil Woman From Outer Space"
"Zombie Girl"

P. Paul Fenech
"The 'F' Word" (People Like You)

Other psychos handily tailor that style's orthodox cut,
but UK idiom pater familias Fenech reimagines it.
Thus, Spanish guitar, Dee Dee Ramone outsider poetry
and metallic manifestos collide center-stage in force -
fit fashion. Others may be Fenech's peers. No one is
his superior.

Recommended Tracks "Aggarondo La Guittara Del El Diablo,"
"Angel Song"

Los Creepers
"City Streets" (self)

In 1967, a clerical popular culture-scold hyperventilated,
"Rock'n'roll music is part of man's attempt to drive from
his mind the consequences of his evil living." To such a stiff,
full-on punk/psychobilly this potent surely promises particular
brimstone. The rest of us have a lot of fun living to do.

Recommended Tracks "Devil vs. the Mooks," "Bandidos"

Roy Orbison
"King of Hearts" (Virgin)

The Wink troubador's legendary status was long-since assured
by the time of this largely pacific CD's 1987 issuance, but his
inimitable operatic range and infallible instinct for stirring country
pop majesty remained as pristine as when in their Sun youth.
Sympathetic strings, elegant saxophone and busy guitars collude
on common territory. The listener believes.

Recommended Tracks "Heartbreak Radio," "Careless Heart"

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