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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

CD Reviews Oct 2008

October 2008 CD reviews (copyright 2008, DC Larson)

Miko Marks
"It Feels Good"
(Mirrome Records)

If calculated disingenuousness is the current Giant of contemporary, corporate radio-tailored country (Toby Keith radiates all the sincerity of Dick Cheney), constitutionally authentic Giant Killer Miko is much needed -- and appreciated. Distinctions paid to the silk-and-suede voice from New Music Weekly to Ebony to the Independent Music Awards (which pronounced her debut "Freeway Bound" 2007's Country Album of the Year) to Country Weekly have been no more than her earned due. First-chair accompanists shine, their executive labors enabling at-turns carbonated and aching articulations to roam and flower. What honest country music sounds like.

Recommended Tracks "Double Dog Cheater," "Locked and Loaded"

Jackson United
"Harmony and Dissidence"(AcetateRecords/MVD Audio)

Up-volume punk anthems that grab, laced with politically conscious agitprop. Charged with the insistent exuberance of purpose. Yes, Clash imprints lurk. So do others. Promo lit reaches back to Stiff Little Fingers, but a fresher compatible is Australia's Living End. Foo Fighter Chris Shifflet is abetted by steady mates Scott Shifflet (Face To Face) and Doug Sangalang, with cameos by Foo Fighters Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins. (New drummer Mighty Mighty Bosstones expatriate Joe Kid joined subsequent to recording.) Tour with Flogging Molly looms.

Recommended Tracks "21st Century Fight Song," "The Land Without Law"


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