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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

CD Reviews Oct 2008

October CD Reviews (copyright 2008, DC Larson)

Bloodshot Bill
"All Messed Up" (Hog Maw)

Everlastingly shined and good-timing, pomaded hants bounce off the tumble-down, paint-peeled walls of a possessed honky tonk. Sandpaper-throated one-wild-man band Bill beats Hell out of his acoustic and urges all to depths of scandalous delirium as hillbilly trash'n'roll busts against steamy night air.

Recommended Tracks "Ice Cream," "Here I Am, Drunk Again"

"Revenge of the Hot Rod Zombies" (Boss Beat Records)

Psychobilly is too combustible and urgent to have ever risen from a masses-mindful industry's drawing board. (Try selling designer perfume to a rampaging zombie darkside tale.) And if it never is appreciated by everyone, so what?

Recommended Tracks "Teddy Boy Stomp" (The Chop Tops ), "Evil Never Dies" (Black Rose Phantoms )

Dive Bar Stalkers
"Rock the House" (self)

What some might term "70s hard rock" -- vigorous arena dynamics and bluesy decisiveness getting down as one -- has actually never gone out of fashion in blue collar America. As long as people need to party, boogie ain't goin' nowhere.

Recommended Tracks "You Got What It Takes To Make Me Go," "Hit It On the Highway"

Old Bull
"Manifesto" (Big Blender)

The rich, warm sound is of an emotional/cultural clime unsullied by artificial corporatism - hell, it throws down a challenge to it. Real people and their lives count. Banjo, mandolin, guitars, accordian, piano, string bass and drums unite as a floor from which harmonies and humanities rise.

Recommended Tracks "Monsanto," "Dead In Your Grave"

Kick 'Em Jenny
"Untamed!" (Blue Lake)

Runaway European neo-rockabilly that cleaves to scruffy US lineage. Pushed centerward by frantic cohorts, Jenny epitomizes the raunchy and hip-shaking lipsticked rocker, singing down storms and battering her acoustic with ecstatic fervor.

Recommended Tracks "Take Me Down," "Maybe You Don't Care"

God's Revolver
"little black horse where are you going with your dead rider?" (Exigent)

Unholy communion of metal, psycho and gothic western (with haunting prairie flute cameo). It gallops, crashes, and kicks down barn walls, ending up in a desert of rage. Daubs arresting tableaus of existential storm.

Recommended Tracks "Scratch Dealt Me a Dirty Hand," "Preacher's Flask"

AL HENDRIX "Monkey Bite 2007"/"Never Stop Rockin'" (Rush Publishing) Austere, magnetic styling continues the rock'n'roll hop Al began in 1957. Producer/co-writer/multi -instrumentalist Jimmy Accardi proves a fitting accomplice...HOWITZER "Turncoat" + 3 (Hazard Hill Records) Anthemic hardcore/oi punk more relevant to 2008 proletariats than anything the industry's tarted up poseurs could or would ever muster. "My brother died fightin' this bullshit war."


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