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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

CD Reviews: Sept/Oct 2006

CD REVIEWS September/October 2006
by DC Larson

(All reviews copyright (c) 2006 Rockabilly Magazine, reprinted by permission)

Demented Are Go
"Hellbilly Storm"
(People Like You/Hepcat)

Founding psychos DAG return from the grave (again)
with razored hooks, cockeyed melodicism, open -
throttle arrangements and hardcore up-amp guitars.
Metal goes crash and 'billy splinters. For the
embittered sociopath who has everything. Screw
bed check.

Recommended Tracks "Out of Control," "Someone's
Out To Get Me"

Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys
"Turntable Matinee"
(Yep Roc)

So nimble and confluent is the A-list musicianship that
the material's folksy artfulness might elude first-time
listeners. Cherished elements of not only rockabilly and
western swing but bossa nova, spanish strings and
brass-fortified 60s Stax soul are intelligently intercut
with novel reckonings.

Recommended Tracks "Haunted Heels," "Lonesome

Jack De Keyzer
"Silver Blues"
(blue star)

With the wisdom of a superior bandleader aware of
his every player's significance, guitar master Jack
cedes soloing opportunities to piano, organ, trumpet,
sax and flugelhorn. His own slicing, straining and
emotionally-evocative six-string statements shine
blindingly in the thoughtful and layered arrangements.

Recommended Tracks "Cinderella," "Rock 'Til We

Danny B. Harvey
"Live In Montreal"

Eruptive, scintillating guitar-led rockabilly that
spans blues, country and primal rock'n'roll. None
wilder on offer. Mixed in with the rave-up tri-chord
flammables is flabbergasting instrumentation of
adventurous mien. Hendrix hot rodded? Listen
and learn.

Recommended Tracks "Buckshot," "I Get So

Thee Exit Wounds
"Bad Day!"

Caring not a whit for redeeming social values,
these exuberant malcontents (including 3 ex-DAGs)
vent at peak volume. Headslam psycho on the
excruciating metal-punk edge. Harmful if taken
eternally. Damnation dance party, tonight.

Recommended Tracks "Evil," "If I Was Satan"

13 Cats
"Live In Las Vegas"

A decidedly relevant supergroup (Rockats, Polecats,
Stray Cats), 13 Cats stitch unfamiliar vintage rockin'
flesh with modern-day sci fi/ fantasy to father
a psycho creation of formidably threatening character.
Caught here in 1997 salad days, they are full of verve,
strut and paternal swell.

Recommended Tracks "Sex Hex," "Rockaholic Baby"

Grizzly Family
"The Spirit of the Mountains"

Backwoods, Cajun-flavor from France. High -
stepping, engaging reels enlivened by a host of
instrumental spices including accordian, tifer,
maracas, harp, kazoo, brossoir, lap steel, piano
and mandolin in addition to guitars, drums and
acoustic bass. There's a whole American Music
world out there beyond 706 Union Avenue.

Recommended Tracks "Frenzy In the Jungle,"
"The Spirit of the Mountains"

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