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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

For The Record


"The Afterdarks represent something that's gone from America -- an unwavering, unapologetic oath to self that a certain level of brutality thrives inside all of us and if it's forced to linger for too long, you're gonna get some kick ass rock'n'roll."
- Brian Krans, Rock Town Press/author, A Constant Suicide

PERSONNEL: Papa D - upright/electric bass, vocals
Dr. Nasty - guitar, vocals
Smokehaus - drums

BIO: Illinois/Iowa-based punkabilly outfit began in 2003. Has produced 4 EPs, 3 full-length

LATEST RECORDING: "Blood Sweat & Gears" (self) 2009


What's the coolest place to hang out, in the Quad Cities?

"We really like Rascal's Rock Memorabilia Club when we want to relax. Ken, the owner, runs a great sound, and is a former musician himself. RIBCO also stands high with Al Dimeo on sound."

Where's your favorite place to play? (Same as answer to Question #1?) Favorite recording studio?

"Same as #1. We record in our own studio to do the rough mix. Papa Darkness also has recorded other bands as well in the studio."

Favorite fast food? Favorite beer/drink?

"Nachos -- PBR -- hands down!"

Law you'd most like to see overturned?

"We are not really politically motivated, however child abuse tops our list. Strengthening and enforcing existing laws is great for us."

Law you'd like to see enacted?

"PBR must be the drink of choice at every dinner."

Other IL/IA bands you'd recommend?

"The One Night Standards, The Surf Zombies, Sarah Cram and the Derelicts, ZED, and a great bunch of kids in Marmaduke who do Led Zeppelin the way it should be done!"

Philosophy of life in 10 words or less?

"Performing is not a joke! It is an expression of self!"

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Review: The Burning Hotels "Novel"

DC Larson

It's not even necessary to enjoy all 11 tracks here to understand that the Burning Hotels' great accomplishment -- indeed, the quality that most persuasively touts them -- is the creation of consistently engaging pop melodizing that grabs up listeners and throttles them into bliss: jangling guitars, harmonies that endear, infectious constructions, and indefatigably shiny movement. Blindingly vivid, giddily animated. One appreciates participating.

(PS. Thanks to Kaytea xo for the tip!)