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Thursday, July 8, 2010



Derek Billick, vocals, guitar
Nathaniel Byerly, guitar
Justin Richardson, bass, vocals
Nathan Moody, drums

Latest Release "Rough Cuts," from upcoming album "Everyone Gets a Turn"

tracks: "Zero To Ten"
           "Everyone Gets A Turn"

True heartland high-energy heroes. Last May, Oskaloosa's The Knobs opened for Ratt at 7 Flags, and later found themselves on the Summer Jam stage.They rocked out in hectic, sweaty form between Warrant and LA Guns. I caught them at Waterloo's 13th Step a few weeks ago, and was knocked out by their boundless exuberance and the jagged, flashy rock'roll excitement they chainsawed and splayed into every corner of the packed club.

No one in the crowd even cared about the downpour outside!

In just 3 tracks, "Rough Cuts" presents them as a loose-jointed and bombastic outfit well worth rank with the genre luminaries beside whom they rock audiences into delirium. Drawing on 70s and 80s metal influences, they craft an at once distinct and dynamic sound that all but blasts from speakers. Equally adept at high-speed and more measured and sinister tempos, the group already has one boot on the next plateau.


                                        (mgr Brett Sites)

(Thanks to Brett for assisting with this interview. Answers by Justin.)

1) What's the coolest place(s) to hang out in Iowa?

The coolest place to hang out in Iowa is in front of a stage in some bar somewhere where a great band is playing tunes you love!

2) Where's your favorite place to play? (Is it the answer to Q1?) Favorite recording studio?

My favorite place to play is (at this point) 7 Flags Event Center. Whenever we play there we always have a great time and the crowd is always outgoing and receptive.

3) Favorite fast food? Favorite beer/drink?

As far as fast food goes, I must admit I am an Arby's fan. I'm too young for alcohol, so my favorite drink has got to be good old Dr. Pepper.

4) Law you'd most like to see overturned? New law you'd like to see enacted?

I would love to see same-sex marriage laws enacted throughout the United States. The tyranny has gone on far too long!

5) Other IA bands you'd recommend?

I would definitely recommend Dark Mirror, Steve Robinson & the Foundation, and the Brothers Green. They all rock, in their own, unique way.

6) Philosophy of life (in 10 words or less)?

Live free, have fun, and don't hurt anybody. :)

7) QUOTE (on any topic):

"The hell with the rules. If it sounds right, then it is." - Eddie Van Halen

video: "Zero To Ten"


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