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Sunday, September 19, 2010

CD REVIEW: Laura Cortese

"Acoustic Project" (self)

There are beguiling sauciness, whisper-of-truth articulations, and knowing winks in this elegant string quartet effort. Tender, quietly formidable violin reigns from its midst. Laura spins Celtic-air webs that reward as abundantly as they impressively promise.

Herein are lofted too-rare delights: a laughing lilt to this moment, an arch maneuver to the next. Spirited frolic, leaving a glow of good fortune.

Laura is marvelously aided by Hanneke Cassel, and Natalie and Brittany Haas. As one, the four contrive enthralling melodic charms that beckon through both olde manners and effectively of-this-moment assertions.

Amazing, the force alurk in dancing strings, delicate voicings, and hearts quite open.

Recommended "Overcome," "Women of the Ages"
  -- DC Larson

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