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Friday, July 8, 2011

DVD: JUDAS AND JESUS (Inkarnatoons)

DC Larson

Edge-dancing auteurs Olaf Encke and Claudia Romero grind into satiating union taboo whimsy and intellectual adventurism, the scarlet storytelling crafting images of a fleshly past clerical sorts doubtless would find abhorrant -- but would probably secretly dig. The artwork is marvelously rendered -- colors, figures, and shadows loom with declarative presence. Too, the writing is of a markedly superior caliber. (Additional plus: a rocking soundtrack that features the Meteors, P. Paul solo, Crazy Cavan, and Moe Jaksch.) A headlong and hobnail-booted thrill-jaunt up into a saucily-splayed good/bad intimate realm.

(Note: This wickedly funny and rocked-out treatise is playable only on PAL-formated players.)

"Judas and Jesus" comprises the film itself, running some 15 minutes; optional comments (in English, German, French, and Spanish); a gallery; 15 minute storyboard; 15 minute layout; and 15 minute "ruff animation."

Corresponding with Olaf by email, I raised the point of the impressive intellectual heft apparent between shards of scandalous hilarity.

"Unfortunately there exists a scholarly or school masterly part in my personality," Olaf responded. "(Just like in our Jesus!) I tried to get rid of it, but it kept coming back. So I made a preachy kind of film with a strong message, but it is preaching immorality. Hee hee.

"Don't forget to have a look at the commentaries on the extras of the DVD. They explain a lot of what it is all about except the entertainment."

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