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Monday, July 18, 2011

"Night Prowler" (self)

DC Larson

"Hot Rod" Walt Richards found it -- the all-important, pulsating energy center that is the heart of all joyous and free-for-all rockabilly; that wondrous and maddeningly-elusive-to-pretenders union of passion and sneer, switchblade and grope, flame and deliverance. It could be heard, yes, on earlier releases like "Supercharger." But its been cultivated further still for this all-originals declaration of fracture intent. The toxic-tipped sideburn swagger. The jumped-up, affable obstreporousness. All out on this rebel hardwood, dancing in carbonated euphoria. Small wonder Walt and thrill-bent compadres the uber-aggressive Paul "Stubbs" Diffin and punk sparkplug Steve "Burnout" Barnett have established themselves as festival must-sees.

Recommended "Victory Curls," "Better Man," "Burn Baby Burn," "Chopped Down and Hopped Up"
"Victory Curls," live

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