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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Karling Abbeygate
"Christmas With Karling" (self)

Mindful of the yule-season's bouyant imperative, flawless-toned Karling decks these halls with lissome jocularity, her every caress endearing. The cheered listener is struck by the first-chair professionalism - this thanks not only to Karling herself, but also to the dedicated toils of Bob Gother, Jason Eoff, Russell Scott, and Johnny Palmer. (Additional vocals are lent by Big Manny Gonzalez.) Lighthearted melodic frolickings suit this warming moment, as loved chestnuts are mixed with wonderfully-apt originals. Laughing beauty gambols amongst evergreen wreaths and sparkling, variously-colored decorations. Cock your cap, slug down your nog, and kick up your mucklucks!

Recommended "What's In the Box," "Christmas Party," "The First Noel," "Angel Tears," Santa's Got a Crush On Me," "Auld Lang Syne"

Video: (This is an earlier tune)