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Saturday, January 14, 2012

John Guster
"bits and pieces from..." (Blue Lake)

Swiss rockabilly powerhouse Juan Rodriguez led his country's 1990's trio The Thunder Jets. He later took studio matters in hand, realizing both JCR Recording Service and the Blue Lake label.

Blue Lake has since issued more than 30 hot releases, by storied acts including the Rockets, King Louie Combo, Kick'em Jenny, and Mars Attacks (members of which guest, here.)
Doubtless, readers have by now guessed that Juan Rodriguez and John Guster are one and the same.

A remarkable abundance of skilled rockin' jumps up, in these 10 cuts - and it's big beat motivatin' of the old-school. The rule is spare and rollicking. At first, one is just plain knocked out by the overall rightness. In time, though, distinct contributory elements emerge: a sure-footed and nimble rhythm section, warmly comfortable vocals, appropriately sparse production, and enough adept Telecaster broadsides to rock listeners one and all off their feet.

These are the good old days!

Recommended "Go Go V-8 Ford," "Am I Right?" "Gotta Get Another Girl," "The Cats Were Jumpin'"