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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Robbin' Pain
"This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things" (Trunk Rock Records)

In these swaggering upstarts' joyful, youthful mega-charged union of classic harmonies, demolition chordings, Beach Boys/Dictators "woo-woos," and fists-forward dynamics burst into being all the kicks-are-the-thing truth-rewards r'n'r always promised to its thrill-addicted and leather-jacketed acolytes.

Bands like this and their live-wire waxings are a huge part of why r'n'r will never shut up its rebel yell. (The other major factor being yours and my eternal devotion to it; this music IS us.) The venerable is twisted up into new-creatureness by the fresh imaginings of Robbin' Pain's four neon mariachis. Scott Walker's streetcorner wiseass declarations and brash-swiping rhythm guitar; sinewy and in-pocket six-string orations from Rick DalCortivo; drummer Scott "Fat Borch" Borchert's sentient assaults; and Dave "D" Ranges' simultaneously instinctual and scientific bass negotiations.

God bless Robbin' Pain and all they stand for!

Recommended "Lost It In the War," "Does This Bus Stop At All?" "Bagel And A Coffee," "Junkollector," "Odd Lookin' Bird"

VIDEO: "Lost It In the War"

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