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Monday, April 9, 2012

The Bedlamville Triflers
"Goin' Out Tonight" (Bedlamville Records)

Amid their own commendably ablaze entries are aptly-registered readings of Eddie Cochran, the Rock'n'Roll Trio, Larry Terry, Al Ferrier, and Tibby Edwards). All of which would by itself suffice to hoist this above rack-fellows. But on instrumental El Sol De Guerroro," guitarist Shaun Roux rises to testify with musically multilingual articulateness. Gregg Guffey accents the ambitious and successful endeavor with animated, jazz skins. And on cut after cut, upright cat Brian Akers has their backs.

One hopes to hear much more from this group.

Recommended "Graceland," "Blues Stop Knocking At My Door," "Funny Car Mama," "Cattin' Around," "Shift Gears"

VIDEO "El Sol De Guerroro" (live)

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