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Monday, April 9, 2012

Nico Dupolet & His Rhythm Dude
"Goin' Back To Ya" (LME Recordz)

I'm maintaining a mental list of important contemporary advocates of old-school r&b/rock'n'roll. Nick Curran is on it. So are J.D. McPherson and Jimmy Sutton. New additions Nico and band made the rank as soon as this wax hit the turntable. There's a rightness to the groove, an unerring echo of the golden era combined with Nico's own hip-to-the-tip swagger, that wins as it spins. Mixed by Big Boy Bloater.

PR lit accompanied this France-issued review disc: "Drawing From the roots of the Black Rock'n'roll, and the good dancing afro-american music from the 40s and 50s called Rhythm & Blues, Swing, Boogie. They have for only objective to make the crowd dance and see the people move everywhere, jumpin' all around, blow the brains out!

"If you want a Rock'n'roll Daddy-O, call Nico - He'll be on the go!"

Recommended "Goin' Back To Ya," "Love Locks," "Please Don't Go," "Ready For Raph," "Don't You See"

VIDEO: "Goin' Back To Ya"

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