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Monday, April 9, 2012

Pete and the Starphonics

"s/t" (Crazy Times)

Pierre Laru (vocals/acoustic rhythm guitar) penned 10 of these 15, and knows well how to put over both emotive rockers and aching ballads. Don't be misled by the cover's nonpartisan sterility - lurking within the grooves is an abundance of healthy bias toward good-times bop crusading. The listener approves finger-poppingly throughout. An ace crew of players is assembled, and they are indeed in high action. But perhaps most resounding here is Pierre's suitability to the rank of covered legends like Cash and Feathers; when he interprets their stellar material, it is as an emerging equal.

Recommended: "Move Closer," "Don't Need To Speak a Word," "Crying Out For Love," "Don't Call My Name," "Blue Moon On My Shoulders"

VIDEO: "Don't Need To Say a Word" (live)

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