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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Royal Dead
"Go Bat Go" (Kheperi Global Media, LLC)

A lightning bolt flashes up from the sinister netherworld, its careen hied by three distemperous psychos with un-salved serrated rips in their hearts. Hyper, flayed guitar chord chunks bounce off stone mausoleum walls, only to cede sonic territory to piercing, trebly exhortations; deathly insistent drums pound and dance the amphetemined dance of the triumphant undead; and all the while, massive standup figures unify and, at turns, leap in and around arrangements with deft deliberation. Guitarist Eddie Suicide's fever-stalking narrations lend voice to the chill.

Royal Dead have shared stages with psychobilly notables, including the Meteors, Nekromantix, Chop Tops, and Koffin Kats. In fact, Koffin Kat Vic Victor adds backing vocals to "Death Cycle." And "Zombie Stomp" spotlights the multi-instrument talents of producer D' Mackinnon (formerly of Deviant).  

Hello, Cruel World...

Recommended "Death Cycle," "Dead Sled," "Corpse Bride," "Zombie Stomp"

VIDEO "Death Cycle"

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