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Monday, February 11, 2013

Hot Rod Walt
and the Psycho Devilles
"Rockabilly Rodeo" (self)
The present author fears that there may be no way to state this truth without its seeming a coincidental slight of bassist Burford T. Ogletree and drummer Steve "Burnout" Barnett -- though such is not my intention, illegitimate as it would plainly be -- but this is guitarist/singer/songwriter Walt Richard's show. And a fierce, strapping, and good-naturedly sprawling affair it is. Have you ever heard a powerhouse galloping? This here one does.
RECOMMENDED "Ton Up," "My Guitar Saved Me," "Made of Me," "Being Home Again" "Cursed Be the Moon," "Bar Fight"
"Ton Up" official video, Cafe Racer TV theme:

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