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Monday, February 11, 2013

Jinx Jones
"Rip and Run" (Home Braend)
Already famed as a breath-stealing fretboard adventurer both encyclopedic and devastating, Texan Jinx has again ascended o'er previous successes. The best part: Whereas another might take broadening capacities to assay styles more sanctified by clef-note gray-beards, Jinx stays put in the rockabilly/country mileau -- though he does unburden himself of jazz flairings aplenty. And the groove will not be ignored.
RECOMMENDED: "Redneck Barbie," "On Parole and Out of Control," "Never Live It Down," "Hot Rod Heartbreaker," "Prairie Dog Daddy," "What Makes You Think I'm So Lonesome?"
"Redneck Barbie" performance clip:

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