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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Cheetah Chrome
"Solo" (Plowboy)
DC Larson

Dead Boy grown Cheetah merits renown for prized membership in two elite groups, influential-beyond-their-circumstance '70s Punk guitarists (the Johnnys Thunder and Ramone also ranking), and survivors of that same no tomorrow, needle-packin' era. As these '95 and 2000 sessions testify the collision-chording, curb-jumping metallic-treble leads, and occasional pensively picked articulation we all recall from CBGB days of legend rise to rage, still.  Special guest in 2000: Sylvain Sylvain.  

Recommended "No Credit," "Sharky," "Nuthin," "Stare Into the Night"


VIDEO "No Credit"

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