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Monday, November 24, 2014

Popa Chubby
"I'm Feelin' Lucky - The Blues According 
To Popa Chubby" (Cleopatra)
DC Larson

There are two ways Popa Chubby can loose the demons that have hounded his every day. One is through the poignant bio he's offered: Abandoned as a child to raise himself, he headed to NYC in hopes of finding something better. All that waited for him, though, was heroin addiction and desperate street living. Blues salvation ultimately lifted him out of wretched bondage.

The other way is to plug in his road-battered Strat and voice tongues-of-flame blues orating,
the sort uttered credibly only by those who've survived.  Popa speaks it fluently.

Recommended "One Leg At a Time," "I'm Feelin' Lucky," "The Way It Is," "Save Your Own Life"

VIDEO "I'm Feelin' Lucky"


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