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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Robert Gordon/Link Wray
"Cleveland '78" (Rock-A-Billy/Cleopatra)
DC Larson

I'm not sure why, but the band (Gordon/Wray/Jon Paris/Anton Fig) sounds less cohesive, less enthusiastic, on this March '78 live recording than they had some two months prior. (See disc 2 of "Somethin'Else," on Victrola).

Maybe road fatigue. To give them their due, they more often than not deliver powerful rock 'n' roll of the type that blasts into irrelevancy polite cultural standards. And when they are hot, make no mistake, none can compare. 

But the consistency of quality that generally marks Gordon's output is lacking here. This is spotty. 

Completists will want this. For all others, better can be had.    

RECOMMENDED "Lonesome Train," ""The Fool," "My Baby Left Me"

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