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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Cold Blue Rebels
"Blood, Guts, 'n Rock'n'Roll" (Rank Outsider)
"Love of the Undead" (Rank Outsider)

If some riffs and musical moments ring familiar in these psycho-sprees, that's OK; it just illustrates the blood-bond with hip predecessors. (I should stress that unique firings outnumber echoes.) And the garish/gorish B-flick scare cinema imagery lends an appropriate dastardly vibe. The band leaps out at listeners with all the clawing immediacy of a hyperventilated 3-D haunting. Knuckle-crackin' monsters you should meet.

These discs were originally released in 2011 and 2013, on Horror House. 

Recommended "Hell Block 13," "Lil' Grave Robber " (cd 1)
                          "Haunted Hollywood,"Zombie L.A.M.F."  " (cd 2)

                "Haunted Hollywood"              

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