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Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Cool Whips 
Goodies (self )

Muscular riffs, joyous harmonies, swinging farfisa, and sparklingly upbeat power-pop sensibilities leap and gambol in this delightfully jangly retro sunbeam kaleidoscope. 

A thought presents itself: Lost on those who insist that all past phenomena share equally the deserved rejection of historic inequities is the soul-happifyin' truth that much cream soda-good also bubbled in yesteryears. In the salutary push to change upward, let's not be indiscriminate. Let's remember that preserving what made Then bearable has earned not just preservation Now, but a joyful shoulders-ride into Tomorrow. 

'Cause it turns out that a bright and happy world was here all along.

Recommended "Boom-Shang-A-Lang," "On the Seesaw," "Pink Lemonade," "Lost In the Summertime," "Turpentine," 

VIDEO: "Pink Lemonade"

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