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Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Blue Plate Specials 
"Servin' It Up" (Lanark)

It may be understandable if some consider Lanark a rockabilly label; the imprint does, after all, boast icons Robert Gordon and the Rockats on its impressive roster. But the label is deeper than any single style. The Blue Plate Specials excel at in-the-groove blues boogie. Theirs is a galvanizingly jivy and genial, sway-backed proposition in which already robust guitar, drums, and bass are further fortified by rollicking keys and horns. It's electrifying to hear players this suited to their glad duty.  

Recommended "I Need a Car," "Come Out Baby," "Goin' To Mississippi," "Me and My Baby,"  "Cruisin' Past Bakersfield," "Whiskey Cost Money" 

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