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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Demented Are Go
"Welcome Back To Insanity Hall" (People Like You, 2012)

Behold if you dare these bug-eyed and bellowing lost souls forsaken by all that men hold holy:

Their faces streaked with garish ghastliness and bloody claw-tracings, they jerk-dance like epileptic puppets in multi-technicolored, bombastic spectacle, vomiting lunatic gallows-humor that is equally assured plundering final resting plots or wallowing in bawdy X-rated degradations. Whether at crazed speeds that defy rational scientific laws, loping casually to medium-paced, low-slung rockabilly pulse-beats, or rocketing into uncharted delirium, this must forever remain locked away in its own criminally psycho rank.    

It is strangely hypnotic and so we listen, time and again. But may none of us know this abhorrence but from our safe distance.  

Recommended "Bodies In the Basement," "Devil Says Kill," "Heads On Poles," "The Life I Live," "So Agitated" (bonus track)

VIDEO "Bodies In the Basement"

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