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Monday, June 22, 2015

Mad Sin
"Burn and Rise" (People Like You, 2012)

Flailing and stomping deep within this vivid all moving/all twisted German psychobilly sideshow, an itinerant freak-of-nature tent celebration choreographed by the starring misshapen black leather-jacketed oddities themselves, is a fearsome and formidable rock and roll attack squad that makes delightedly blasphemous converts of all forever-lost souls who swarm to their outrageous altar. Each high voltage moment seethes, slams, storms. And if no one gets out alive, that's because no one arrived that way to begin with.

Recommended “Cursed,” “Wreckhouse Stomp,” "Back From the Morgue," "Shitlist Bop," "No Control," “She's Evil,” "Am I Human," “Geisterfahrer.” 

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