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Sunday, June 21, 2015

"What Happens In Hell Stays In Hell" (Hellcat, 2011)

Changes for this longtime global scene favorite, though the quality remains at high altitude. Incoming members Franc (guitar) and Lux (drums) charge each booming passage with pumped muscle. Each is equal to the ambitious, fast-forward rampage. For his part, coffin-bass beating leader Kim Nekroman is his usual good-naturedly wicked self. The wrecking master from Denmark sings in admirably tuneful and familiar moon-howling fashion. A mind-ravaging addiction for which no healing elixir is desired.    
Recommended "Bats In My Pants," "Once We Were Lovers," "Demon Speed," "Sleepwalker With a Gun," "I Kissed a Ghoul," "Love You Deadly" 


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