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Friday, June 19, 2015


"Dance of the Dead" (Live Dead)


As chilling night-winds shriek past, whipping 
betwixt gnarled and leafless oak limbs that 
bear mournful witness overhead, jaggedly 
stitched leather monsters lurk in the shadows 
of stony vaults long forsaken by sacrosanct 
grace and abandoned to waste and perdition.

Leader Daniel DeLeon raises up hacked-agape 
and unspeakable psychobilly anatomies, 
articulating each twisted horror with piercing 
intellect. He exhorts and howls as befits the 
shifting, unearthly moonlit pageantry. Gleefully 
maniacal misfit mates loose brain-splitting 
abetment, urged to breakneck ferment by the 
clarion roar of Daniel's angry guitar.  

It is indeed a most appropriate soundtrack for 
midnights of raucous and macabre netherworldly 

Recommended "Ghost of You," "Bride of 
Frankenstein," "Rockin' In Your Coffin," 
"Dead By Dawn," "Ghost Town," 
"Vampire Kiss"

VIDEO "Rockin' In Your Coffin"

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