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Sunday, August 23, 2015


Side 1 - Reach Around Rodeo Clowns "Boomerang"
Side 2 - Danny B. Harvey and Annie Marie Harvey "Memphis Stroll"

With this maiden release in its "52 singles in 52 Weeks" effort, Lanark Records has set an enviable standard. 

The singles concept establishes an old-school vibe confluent with the classical rock'n'roll, blues musics so deftly essayed. Just as the fact that these singles are to be available only in digital format, and the modern sensibility which which traditional idioms are interpreted, reflect identical contemporary acknowledgement. 

Led by animated guitarist and Lanark Records head Quentin Jones, the Reach Around Rodeo Clowns open. Their hard-charging cover of "Boomerang," from '80s NYC neo-rockabillies Buzz and the Flyers, honors that cool original while replacing its loose, good-natured country-bop with carbonated combustibility and big, blazing guitar. Strategic handclaps, Wendell Jones' rowdy, confident vocals, and Quentin's frenetic fretboard demolitions would rock any Seeburg jukebox to smithereens. Sitting in and firing up are ace drummer Liberty Devitto (Meatloaf, Billy Joel, Carly Simon) and Dave Roe, bassist-extraordinaire for Johnny Cash, Robert Gordon, Dwight Yoakam, and John Mellencamp.

The side two cut, "Memphis Stroll," was produced by internationally acclaimed guitar master Danny B. Harvey. Harvey (who has for decades toiled with Headcat, the Rockats, Wanda Jackson, Nancy Sinatra, and too many other significant outfits to count) is joined here by new wife Annie Marie Harvey nee Lewis, niece of Mr. Jerry Lee. The two married earlier this year, joining the historic American rock'n'roll dynasties.

"Memphis Stroll" is a leisurely, swiped blues that derives enrichment from Annie Marie's breathy narration and Danny's immediately recognizable, first- chair guitar. Soon into the low-key nightfall passage enters smokily ambient, minimalist piano. Shut your eyes, and you can feel the music-throbbed, cracked sidewalk beneath your scuffed boots.

Reach Around Rodeo Clowns   

Danny B. Harvey/Annie Marie Harvey

Lanark Records

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