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Monday, September 7, 2015

Kerry Pastine and the Crime Scene 
"Let's Do This Thing" (Wipe It Off! Records)

Not soulless, accommodatingly contemporary, processed product geared toward make-everybody-happy Holiday Inn crowds who demand that the "wildness" be calculated and parceled out, but old-school rock'n'roll that shouts its human condition testimonies in tongues wonderful and diverse: garage obstreperousness, rockabilly boppin', jumped-up blues, pointy-toe soul slideaway. Confidence-to-kill playing suits the whipcrack vibe. This fun skirts dangerousness, but that's OK - it's on our side.

Recommended "Let's Do This Thing," "Acapulco Bay," "Follow Me," "Motor Vixen From Hell," "Steppin' Out"

Video "Let's Do This Thing"

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