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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Jack Scott
"Way To Survive" (Bluelight)

After decades away from the studio, an original rocker returns to show 'em how it's done. And he acquits himself handily. 

Jack's golden-era hits are legend: "Leroy," "My True Love," "Goodbye, Baby," "The Way I Walk," "Burning Bridges." 

In 2015, the easiness with which he unspools the spring-heeled bop - some moments flash old-school hillbilly spark, others pull up for sonorous, effectively crooned articulations -- evince a realness that is both magnetic and assuringly comfortable.

Indeed, so easy does he make such muscular good-time rockin' seem, you'd nearly think it possible for anyone. Of course, it is not -- it is beyond most. 

But that illusion is the mark of genuine giants like Jack Scott.

Recommended "Wiggle On Out," "Way To Survive," "Hillbilly Fever," "I Just Came Home To Count the Memories," "Tennessee Saturday Night," "You Don't Know What You've Got"

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