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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Levi Dexter and the Ripchords
"The Lost Sessions: The Complete Recordings" (Danny B Harvey / 
Revel Yell Music)

The 70s/80s neo-rockabilly uprising developed, partly, from boisterous and blunt punk -- at heart, the same jaw-jutted rebel stance assumed by Sun men and the early Rolling Stones. Along with Robert Gordon, the Stray Cats, and the Rockats, Levi Dexter and Danny B. Harvey were at the forefront of the echo-twanged crusade that, while its flame burned gloriously, promised excitement without end.

Everything Dexter and Harvey waxed in that combustive moment, with various accompanists, is here collected: 15 tracks, including all from "The Fun Sessions"  and the "In the Beginning" EP, plus various London studio recordings. 

Recommended "I Get So Excited," "Other Side Of Midnight," "Let 'Er Roll," "Victim of Kool," "Cat Fight," "I'm Gone" 

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