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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Bobby Lebel Orchestra
"BLO Live" (self)

This eminently professional operation is nimble and authoritatively conversant in Sun bop, Eddie Cochran melodicism, and vintage Bobby Darin swing. It is relentlessly driven technicolor magic, at once graceful and robust.

A tenured fretmaster of flabbergasting facility, Bobby has for years divided time between leading various smaller rockin' outfits, backing Kathie Lee Gifford, opening for legends like James Cotton and Twisted Sister, and training up hundreds of thirsting tyros in the numerous instruments he's mastered.

Here, he fronts a spectacularly cohesive, energetic, and fluid orchestra, its full horn section and backup singers fortifying the dynamic guitar/vocals, drums, stand-up heart. The many players are top-notch to a man and dazzle at each spiraling swivel.

And at the spotlighted center swings Bobby, his lightning Gretsch hypnotics and commanding vocals never of less than starring caliber. 

To the big league born.

Recommended "Brand New Gretsch Guitar," "Smack Medley," "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," "Surf Medley," "Good Rockin' At Midnight"

Video "Brand New Gretsch Guitar: (long version)

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