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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Johnny Nightmare
"Psychobilly Scarecrow" (Crazy Love Records)

The house is shaking.

Over there. It's coming from behind the basement door. Furious rock 'n' roll with an evil razor edge. Swinging back that door, you're nearly knocked flat by a tremendous onrush of guitar-led storm.

Battling down rickety, age-gnawed wooden stairs, cobwebs all about, you stare, stunned, as a hanging bulb below swings crazily, its stark glare jerk-dancing in epileptic 
rage against dullish grey stone walls.

They're in the corner. Are they men or monsters? 

The answer is both.

Recommended "Vampire In the Sun," "Psychobilly Scarecrow," "Bloody Nightmare," "Holiday In Hell," "Dagger Love," "Surfing the Hell-Gap"

VIDEO "Psychobilly Scarecrow"

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