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Friday, January 29, 2016

Popa Chubby
"Big, Bad and Beautiful - live" (Cleopatra)

The sound is massive, nervy, loud, and proud. Uptempo Blues with more than enough high-steppin' Rock'n'Roll energy to electrify entire midnight cities. Given the wide-open roar of these two inflammatory discs, a Popa Chubby gig seems a non-stop party with no meaningful boundary separating stomping players from head-thrown-back, juice-laced audience.

But don't take my word for Popa Chubby's significance.

Somewhere in the eventual beyond -- misty, supernatural real estate mere earthbound sorts might call night woods, an uncharted plane jointly maintained by upper and lower eternal auspices -- a liquory convocation of passed Blues masters recognizable and obscure slouched around a shared interest:

"This Popa kid picked up on our influence," one legendary master intoned.

A Chicago firebrand from way back agreed. "Yeah. And our techniques, too!"

"Hell, he sounds like one of us!" 

Several of the gathered juke hall big wheels nodded wise assent.

"Not exactly like one of us," said a stormy fret-man. "'Cause he has his own way of sayin' things! And that keeps it all movin'!"

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