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Thursday, January 7, 2016

"Rockabilly Legacy" (Tombstone Records)

As once expertly defined by late Cramps method front-face Lux Interior, Rock and Roll is more than just a music. It's a many-splendored lifestyle. The French Spunyboys are much closer to orthodox, rumbling, light-footed neo-rockabilly than to the infamous and beloved Lux and Poison Ivy bent-string coven. (Now and again, a Paul Burlison vibe looms.) But they share embrace of finger-poppin'-bop-as-identity-totality. 

The strapping bass walks, the snare cracks, the Tele swerves, and a frantic hiccup echoes. The whole house shakes, and a pure attitude endures...

Recommended "Rockabilly Legacy," "Don't Ring the Bell," "How Low Can You Feel," "Glad To Be Home," "Honey Hides the Bottle"

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