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Monday, August 15, 2016

Igor and the Red Elvises
(Shooba Dooba Records)

Those smart enough to buy this will find themselves in a kaleidoscopic technicolor ticker tape-showered bacchanalian scene where rock and roll, funk, polka, surf, reggae, disco, and folk clap hands, throw back laughing heads, and jitter bop into hysterical fracture. Equal dollops cleverness and roll-about hilarity. A distinctive Eastern European vibe informs each dance step through an uproarious exercise literally unlike any other, though, at moments, redolent of antecedent popular cultural muses.

Recommended "Smell the Bacon," "Best Looking Girl," "Everybody Polka," "Tika Song," "Beer, Babes, and BBQ," "Monster From Mars"

Video: "Bacon" (live)

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