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Thursday, August 18, 2016

"Of Demons" 

In a moon-stabbed Lone Star cemetery, bony claw-hands thrust upward from shovel-turned soil; it crumbles all around as the fingers writhe and grasp at icy air. 

Four fearsome figures rise.

These growlingly morbid, hyper, helter-skeleton tracks were recorded in 2008 for Hairball 8/Psychobilly US. That label -- sinister sanctuary also to Demented Are Go and the Koffin Kats -- collapsed prior to the Livends disc release. 

So, the band members themselves have now released it. And their maleficent mission thus continues...

Recommended "We Are the Night," "Faces Of Death," "When Ghouls Come Seeking," "At Dawn They Rise," "Nightriders," "Night Of the Bats," "Murder At High Moon"

Video "We Are the Night"

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