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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Malpass Brothers
s/t (Organic Records)

Reassuring that the world is a good place to be, one through which soothingly mellifluous balladeers stroll, dispensing good cheer to those hopeful despite hardships. Each life-path does present piercing hurts that honest accounting must include. Christopher and Taylor do not flinch from that required task. In that, they remind of the Louvins -- as well as in their comfortably entwined harmonies. But they also celebrate the many redeeming joys such journeys offer. All of which. alloyed in maddening compound, is the wafted potpourri real men and women breathe daily.

Recommended "Baby We're Really In Love," "A Death In the Family," "Hello Walls," "I Just Don't Like This Kind of Livin'," "Beggin' To You," "It'll Be Me"

Video "Baby We're Really In Love"

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