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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

New Ghoultown CD announced
Also: vinyl reissue of 2008 disc

Hellish rhythms storm across a wind-wracked, desolate desert. Colossal, thunderous guitars gallop toward fading orange sunset. Morricone trumpets soar high in enraged skies, only to circle predatorily. 

A hoarse voice growls, murmurs, and declares at unbridled volume, sizzle-branding on struck listeners' cerebra the dark poetry of hard-drinking, leather-slapping Western zombies astride rip-snorting rock and roll steeds. 

"Ghoultown is not part of any genre, musical scene, or trend"

- band website

Ghoultown's leader, guitarist/singer Lyle, commands stage-fronts with a manner most sinister. His eyes pierce, his lanky frame
whirls and jitters as if possessed. A cowboy hat, its brim stylishly curled, is eminently apropos. And he swipes at his low-slung SG, driving great metal slabs of audio-snarl down a netherwordly trail.

"The new album will be titled, Ghosts of the Southern Son, he told me in a recent email. "The tracks are written, and we begin recording on Sept. 16. It will have 12 new songs, including 'Southern Son,' 'I Am the Night,' 'Black On Black,' 'Blood, Bullets, and Whiskey,' 'Tombstone,' and others."

He added, "The album will be released on my label, Angry Planet Records, which is the label most of our previous releases have been on (with the exception of two)."

The Ghoultown lineup, he tells me, has been the same since 2006. Lyle is abetted by a hardy, rampaging band of slingers: Jake (lead guitar), Lizard (acoustic guitar/vocals), Santi (bass/vocals), Dalton (drums), and Grimm (trumpet, percussion). 

United, they unleash a diabolical, side-winding savagery equal to any midnight watering-hole challenge.

Too, Lyle revealed that the forthcoming Ghosts of the Southern Son isn't the only planned release.

"Life After Sundown, our previous [2008] full-length album, will be released as a 12-inch vinyl LP. It will be released on Sept. 7, by Devil's Brew Productions, a label which specializes in vinyl."

Collectors, heed his admonition: "It will be a limited run of 300 units -- with three different colored vinyl options, 100 of each."

At the time of its initial issuance, I reviewed Life After Sundown for the now-defunct Rockabilly Magazine, writing:

"If deep-pocket major labels possessed any musical imagination or appreciation, they'd be scrapping over this big-sounding, ominously textured Western metallic-psycho illness."

In 2016, I stand by those sentiments. And await the new Ghosts of the Southern Son with tremendous anticipation.  

(see more, below)

Videos from Life After Sundown:

"Under the Phantom Moon"

"Drink With the Living Dead"

"Dead Outlaw"

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