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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

April Mae and the June Bugs
Sun Kissed! (The Sun Studio Sessions) (self)

Wire bifocals perched midway down his nose, genial, old Doc Burford removed the stethoscope plugs from his ears and stepped back.

"Heart sounds strong," he declared. "Everything else checks out, too."

"So, how come lately I'm feelin' run down?" Burford's sad-eyed patient was confused.

"Well, sir," the doctor furrowed his brow. "Could be you're not gettin' enough countrybilly."


Burford opened a cabinet. Reaching past medicinal bottles, he took down a CD.

"Here we go: April Mae and the June Bugs. This here''ll perk you right up. It's a real horn-honker!"

The patient examined the disc. "Looks good enough!" He peered at the doctor."And you're sure it'll fix right what's ailin' me?"

"Yessir! They're as hopped up as all get-out! She's a pistol! They got Jerry Lee's old drummer, J.M. Van Eaton...Bassman slappin' like he's goin' to town! And this cigar box guitar-playin' character, name of Catfish - land a'Goshen! What he can do with that thing could set a barn ablaze!"  

"Okay, Doc!" The patient brightened and reached back for his wallet. "You just made yourself a sale!"

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