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Monday, September 26, 2016

Day of the Dead
Heartbreak Island (self)
Dead If You Don't (self)

Truly, no man yet breathes that has seen the transfixingly horrific spectacle of Ray Ban sunglasses-wearing Mad Daddy skeletons twisting and jerkily gyrating on moonlit surfside beaches as a ghostly transistor radio blares flipped-out rockin' from beyond. But we do have these bold and gripping audio slices -- startling, inspirational of exotic imaginings, and of spine-bending, star travel go-go aspect.

Recommended, Heartbreak Island 
"Death Valley," "The Last Stand," "Alamo,"

Recommended, Dead If You Don't 
"Damned If You Do," "Black Heart," "Queen of   Aces," "Midnight Murder Call," "Shadowland"

Video "Death Valley"

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