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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Teenage Cruisers - film soundtrack
(Rollin Rock/PART)

Ronny Weiser's Rollin Rock Records turned out indispensable rockabilly in the '70s/'80s, an era in which authentic, country-rooted rockin' was rare. Based in a Van Nuys, California garage, Weiser's bootstraps DIY operation was in its time underappreciated. Much of its significant vinyl was marketed through mail orders. 

Despite those inclement circumstances, though, Weiser's label boasted singular distinction. It was a link between original rockabillies such as Charlie Feathers and Ray Campi and a new generation of twanging rebels like Jerry Sikorski and Billy Zoom.

Oh -- and Weiser discovered the Blasters, giving them important entree into the recording world before they moved to Slash/Warner Bros.

The film Teenage Cruisers was billed as the first cinematic union of pornography and rockabilly. Though of meager production standards, and featuring less than stellar actors,  it is today a cult item; collectors prize it for its humor and oddball character.

The music is of paramount worth, though. This wax (later rereleased on CD by PART) was and remains a relevant reminder that important rock and roll doesn't require elaborate conception.

Just a feeling and a guitar.

Recommended "That Certain Female," (Charlie Feathers), "Are You Hep To It?" (Johnny Legend), "Marie Marie" (Blasters), "Hard Knocks and Tough Rocks," (Wildman Tony Conn), "Backseat Boogie" (Jerry Sikorski) "The Newest Wave" (Ray Campi), "Bad Boy" (Billy Zoom), "I Wanna Eat Your Puddin'" (Alvis Wayne)

Video "That Certain Female"

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