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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Kent Rose with Chris Casello
All That American Night (Memory Train)

So just plain right. Various of these sparkling odes are arrayed to distinction, and stake dissimilar territories. But all bloom from proletarian clay.

Two tracks merit special note: "If You Dig It," its tradition-founded rocking cast as a burstingly animated, vividly contemporary declaration, reminds much of the old/new synthesis so cleverly realized on Robert Gordon's 1981 Are You Gonna Be the One? LP. And, "Pretty World of Make-Believe" honors old-ways honky tonk; Chris's serpentine bass-string guitar line, and Kent's easy, knowing voice, guide toward a luxuriant, natural essence to whose decided tempo one simply must bop.

Recommended "If You Dig It," "Pretty World of Make-Believe," "Why You Wanna," "All That American Night," "This House Gets Lonesome," "Leave This Town," "Workingman's Hands," "Jungle Jaguar Pants"

VIDEO "If You Dig It"

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