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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Bruce Mississippi Johnson
The Deal Baby (self)

This unvarnished humanity-interpreted-as-blues/soul-orating rises up with bold self-awareness. And strapping satisfaction. It knows its origin, digs itself, and compels headbobbing, slap-grinning listeners to reciprocal earthy communion.

And that would already be enough. But here, it's just the solidly reverential bedrock. Reaching high from it is an ambitious contemporary voice that grabs for a corporeal spirituality of uniquely amphetamine ambitiousness that declares, moves out, and impacts with a wonderfully jarring precision birthed in timeless definitude.

Guitars step out, stylin'. Keys roam with aplomb. The essential beat centers us all. And Bruce's world-grained narratives hold to life.

You could ask for other. But you'd be a damned fool.

Recommended "No Good," "The Neighbor Next Door," "That's the Deal Baby," "I Can't Shake the Blues," "See You Tomorrow," "You Been Workin' Mojo," "I'll Bleed"

Video "No Good"