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Tuesday, June 20, 2017


"My favorite chapters in this book are the ones on Bettie Page and the one on the author's late brother Rick, a guitarist and all-around roots musician in their native Iowa and surrounding region nearly all of his life

"...One thing crystal clear is that DC Larson is one of us: he has a passion for the music that we love, and doesn't have tunnel vision about it -- he loves a wide variety of America Roots Music, and the culture that surrounds it. He's written about a spectrum of artists from Elvis, Paul Burlison, and Ray Campi to Dale Watson and Wayne Hancock, and rockabillies like Robert Gordon, Chris Spedding, Hillbilly Casino, Nick Curran, and Jinx Jones.

"His final essay, 'Rock'n'Roll Will Stand,' is something on which we can all agree, but his own perspective and research fleshes out the idea with some interesting anti-Rock'n'Roll quotes you may or may not have encountered before."
- Marc Bristol / Blue Suede News, issue 112 (summer 2017)

Friday, May 26, 2017

The Linecutters
Anthill (Slope)

Crams fresh humanity, including all of the sparks-schizzing, burgeoning actualization it neither knows how to / cares to domesticate, into hurtling chords of joy-fury. Bursts loudly in all directions and at speeds awe-striking. Youth thrives athrash, in peculiar storms.

Recommended "Anxiety," "Mademoiselle," "On Parade," "Never Doubt," "Don't Do It," "Betrayed," "Jett Fuel," "Leafy Greens"

Video "Anxiety"

Visionland (Birmingham / Nashville)

Insistence cannot be denied. It's an impulsion with animation its single ambition. And, when filtered through instruments by judicious interpreters, it can sound pretty damn cool. 

To listen is to tumble through a kaleidoscopic swirl of ambitious musings, intellectual darings, and tipsy passages rooted in before-days and grasping enthusiastically for unknowable delights yet to loom.

Recommended "Fine Fine Day," "Thick N' Thin," "Strange Heart,' "Fun All Night"

Video "Fine Fine Day"

Monday, March 20, 2017

s/t (Killjoy)

The black and white patrol cruiser sped down twilit dirt roads, its rooftop-cherry strobing and siren blaring. Frantic townspeople had besieged the station-house desk sergeant's phone with confused cries that a bizarre saucer had crash-landed behind the old hills just outside town.

Officer Jamie swung the car to a halt. "Come on," he growled. "We'll sneak in on 'em! Get the drop!"

Kelton, nervous, followed. His revolver-hand trembled. "I don't know why I always have to get these monster details!"

As the uniformed pair crept to the hill's top, weird music grew louder. They peered down and gasped with shock. Horror.

A strange rock'n'roll party unlike any before witnessed by mortal eyes was in full, lunatic swing. Creatures jumped and whirled in mad, macabre hyper-dances to an old-school psychobilly beat both magnetic and unaturally menacing. 

The perpetrators of that crazed bop-racket that had come from outer-space to assault earthly normalcy -- three wild-eyed apostles of cosmic oddness. They leaned into their strange assault, seemingly bent on turning the whole dimension on its head and making it love the violation.

On the hilltop, Kelton pushed back his policeman's hat. "What do you figure we should do?"

"My plan?" Jamie whispered in response. He scowled, eyes squinted. "Go back to the station house, tell 'em we saw nothing. Just some prank calls!" 

Kelton gulped. "I'm with you!"

Recommended "Invasion of the Radarmen." "Cosmic Kidnapping"

Video "Invasion of the Radarmen"

Friday, March 17, 2017

Koffin Kats
Party Time In the End Times 
(Koffin Kats Records)

There can be no simple, A-to-Z journey through a Koffin Kats arrangement. Typically, these charge then twist then flirt with breath-kept suspension and ultimate upheaval. As hurtlingly dynamic as a maddened UFO spree o'er topsy planes coined at whim.

Recommended "Party Time In the End Times," "Witch In the Woods," "Dark World," "Nasty Weather," "Pigs In the Grove,"
"No Free Rides"

Video "Way of the Road" (non-CD, 2012)

Don Leady & His Rockin' Revue
Poppy Toppy Gone (Leray Music)

Don's encyclopedic, twang-splayed negotiations jar agreeably. The orthodoxy is ever in the bones: Riotously living honky tonk and blues joint spirits jump up and proclaim in fire-tongues. In one moment, "Train Kept A-Rollin'" gestures. Another recalls Jeff Beck's "Goin' Down." Both are marvelous inspirations. The assembled Revue --  Eric Przygocki, Alberto Telo. and Jack Montesinos -- are the conducive force appropriate; brawny, sure-stepping, and rocking the house with a nimble hipness. And then, all of a moment, Don opens up his own magnificent muse.

Recommended "Poppy Toppy Gone," "A String Of Pearls," "Mumbo Jumbo," "Conga Mamba," "Okie Dokie Stomp," "Goin' Down That Road"

Video "Goin' Down That Road"

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Dylan Bishop Band
Exciting Sounds of the... (Espanada)

That Jimmie Vaughan and Doug James fell in for certain cuts tips big doings. Vernal blues cat Dylan raises up shouted promise in twanging Texas testimonies. Feature the bluntness of Gatemouth Brown and Frankie Lee Sims, given Nick Curran rave-up reinvention. Solid, straight through.

Recommended "What You Do To Me," "She's My Baby," "Monkey's Uncle"

Video "What You Do To Me"

email Dylan for booking info:,
call or text 817-701-6303