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Monday, November 28, 2016


Comments from the author about writing:  I have self-published three novels in my retro-styled and G-rated Eddie Atomic space adventure series: 2009's Shake, Rattle & Rocket!, 2012's Ghost Saucers In the Sky!, and 2016's Stratosphere Boogieman. All feature "two-fisted scientist" Eddie Atomic, genius glamour-girl robot Kioko, youthful, plucky pilot Spunky, and wise veteran advisor Commander Augustus McGuffin.
I wrote a regular Pin Up America column, "In the Spotlight," for about two years. For some six years before that, I was the CD Review Editor for Rockabilly Magazine.
My freelance music articles and reviews have appeared in Goldmine, No Depression, Blue Suede News, Rock & Rap Confidential, and others. 
National/international political essay credits include Daily CallerCounterpunch, American Thinker, Dissident Voice, the Huffington Post, and USA Today
I've also written numerous newspaper opinion pieces on political topics, with credits including the Des Moines Register, Waterloo Courier, Marshalltown Times-Republican, Iowa City Press Citizen, and Cedar Falls Times.
Too, I served as Iowa Coordinator for Ralph Nader's 2004 independent campaign, a position that included writing duties. I also served as the Iowa Green Party Media Coordinator from 2000 - 2004. 
And in 2016, I wrote several Iowa newspaper think-pieces promoting the Donald Trump campaign.
Book Types: Fiction
Audience Types: All Ages
Genre: Science Fiction, Humor
Are you willing to do programs for schools, libraries, or other groups? No
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322 E. Louise Street,  Waterloo, Iowa 50703
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Author's Web site: and
County:  Black Hawk

Books By This Author

  • Shake, Rattle & Rocket! Self-published, 2009.
  • Ghost Saucers In the Sky! Self-published 2012.
  • Stratosphere Boogieman 2016

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Just a note to advise readers I am finishing up a book of rock'n'roll essays and reviews. I'll return to blogging as soon as I'm able. I will advertise the book, tentatively titled Flesh Made Music, on this blog.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Wayne Hancock
Slingin' Rhythm (Bloodshot)

When rarely realized justice turns up, we all should savor the moment. It comes to Wayne every time a crowded juke joint dance floor erupts with thrilled and full-throated regular folks cheering his roots music melange. And that honky tonk, western swing, blues, and rockabilly often jump up as cool compatriots in his poor-side-of-town presentations only indicates the blood bond we dug all along.

Recommended "Slingin' Rhythm," "Two-String Boogie," "Over Easy," "Divorce Me C.O.D.," "Thy Burdens Are Greater Than Mine," "Love You Always," "Dirty House Blues"

Video "Slingin' Rhythm"

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Jimmy Thackery and the Drivers
Spare Keys (White River Records)

Countless players can connect admirably with music from a distance, but only men like Jimmy know intimate, spiritual oneness with the notes, themselves. What seemed likely in his Nighthawks years has today become natural fact.

Recommended "Five Inch Knife," "Blues All Night," "Candy Apple Red," "Bella Noche," "The Barber's Guitar," "Puttin' the Word Out"

Video "Bella Noche"

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Mr Blacksmith
Back To Rock 'n Roll (self)

Sweden's Martti Risku handily demonstrates exactly how much detonative capacity one man can muster with just a guitar and a plan. Savage, freight-train downstrokes, their cumulative force unstoppable, honor the two-fisted example of taut/scowling/single-mindedly purposeful Johnny Ramone.

Recommended "Back To Rock 'n Roll," "Ei Oo Lomaa," "Fast Rock," "Shadows In the Night"

Video "Tredje punken" (non-CD)

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Too Slim and the Taildraggers
Blood Moon (Underworld)

Thankfully, it's come to this. Some 30 years of indefatigable road-dogging and studio development culminate in moving, fist-pumping testimony to sheer-force blues-rocking combustibility. Given appropriately steamrolling players, a trio is enough to shake 

Recommended "Get Your Going Out On," "Dream," "Evil Mind," "My Body," "Good Guys Win"

Video "Good Guys Win" (live)

Monday, October 3, 2016

Pike Cavalero
Sin Miedo a Volar (Sleazy)

More than only uphold the torch of real rock and roll (an act that by itself merits back-slaps), Pike adds more than a bit of his own scintillating styling. Throw this on when the fortunes of Sun Era-cool class seem dim and auto-tune annoys to distraction; there is indeed sanctuary for those who know where to search it out.

Recommended "Cuando Caiga la Noiche," "Ahora Que Lo Tienes," "Desde Que No Estas," "Unica Es," "Cuando No Te Echo a Faltar." "Me Nena Pequena"

Video "Cuando Caiga la Noiche"

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