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Friday, May 18, 2018

Luke Winslow-King
Blue Mesa (Bloodshot)

Blue Mesa looses its splendors as fitting accompaniment to hard-luck testimonies. Respect wholly warranted.

Recommended: "Born To Roam," "Leghorn Women," "Thought I Heard You," "Blue Mesa," "Chicken Dinner"

Video: "Leghorn Women"

Prehistoric Beat 
Z2: Rampage!
(Bomber Music)

The UK Zipheads' first (2013) and second (2016) discs, newly re-released. Tunefulness and wit are economically carpentered, breezily dispatched. Hurtle into the maelstrom.

Recommended from Prehistoric Beat: "Blast From the Past," "Unrequited Love," "Dinosaur Rock," "Revenge," "Too Proud"

Recommended from Z2: Rampage!: "Last Man On Earth," "Surfquake," "Rampage," "Only Yourself To Blame," "Pet Hate," "Get Ready"

Video: "Blast From the Past" (live)

Video: "Last Man On Earth" (official video)

The Rockabilly Legends
s/t (Electric Records)

The four tracks are well familiar, true, But they manifest original charge in contemporary context. And the chops are in obvious order. 

Recommended: "Twenty Flight Rock" "Rockabilly Boogie," "Rumble in Brighton," "That's All Right"

Sarah Shook and the Disarmers
Years (Bloodshot)

Redoubtable all around, the better this traditional country-seen-through-sunglasses-after-dark can beam. Troubles are granted voice and their implications ruminated, but never to dancing's detriment.

Recommended: "Good As Gold," "Damned If I Do, Damned If I Don't," "What It Takes," "Parting Words," "The Bottle Never Let Me Down"

Video: "Good As Gold"

Thursday, May 17, 2018

I played guitar around the house for decades. I never thought I played at pro level, but never really wanted to, anyway. It's a fun hobby.
A couple of years ago, I drifted away from playing. I still had my guitars, though.
Last week, I felt that old, familiar feeling, and picked up a guitar.
Big Surprise. Though I still had the knowledge, my hands were like a beginner's.
I guess the moral is: Never stop playing. Now, I've gotta get back chops I'd taken for granted.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Guana Batz
Back To the Jungle (Drunkabilly)

Since the 1980s, the psycho kicked up by the Guana Batz has stayed true, though proficiency developed and crisp bits shadowed the doorstep. Bug-eyed rock'n'roll, dark-side propositions, and moon's-edge daring tumbled together, odd charm and great fun the product.

Recommended: "You're So Fine," "Tyburn Tree," "Martian Princess," "Heartbeat," "Burning Up," "Girl On a Motorbike," "End of the Real World"

Video: "You're So Fine"

Rafael Espinoza and the Rockabilly Railroad 
At Sun Studio (self)

It would be correct to note that classical rockabilly's lasting fire burns here, and is characteristically suited to good-time uproar.  But to do so without noting that it is in this iteration garbed in trim, modern-moment finery would be to daub only a partial portrait.

Recommended: "Rockabilly Railroad," "3:10 to Memphis," "Cool Cars and Hot Women," "The Sky Belongs To the Stars," "Darla Jean"

Video: Brief live clip, non-CD