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Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Gaston Curse
s/t (self)

It's amazing that a style young men hewed out of common passions way back when can, when today thrown out with conflagratory brio, be no less trenchant than when Ike was in the Oval.

Recommended: "Roller Skates," "Six Volt Sinners," "High Drama Mama," "Moonless Night," 

Video: "Roller Skates"

The Monstrosities
When Worlds Collide 
(Plan 9 Trash Records)

A stark, silver moon hung overhead. The laboratory was abandoned, save for the unnatural, stitch-faced creature bound to an operating gurney. Its screams echoed against crumbling brick walls that had borne witness to a thousand and one unspeakable misdoings.

Lunging against the leather straps that held it down, the creature was suddenly, violently, loose. And no force could bar it from spreading terror across the countryside, a guitar its brutal tool.

Recommended: "Intro," The Punisher," "Monstrosities," "When Worlds Collide"

Video: "The Punisher"

(Oscar Mauricio Giraldo / Musical Services)

No need for genre demarcations in the heat of the good-time night. Blues, rockabilly, funk, jazz -- all smash down the green door and stir bacchanalia like no judge's business.  

Recommended: "Solotario Blues," "Nadie Sabe," "Nena Baila el Boogie Boogie," "Cherry Lips," "Rey Esclavo"

Video: "Cherry Lips" (live)

Mayhem single

Bamboozle gallops through limber arrangements, fanning the all-important originality spark into full-blown bonfire. Draw close for heat treatment.

Recommended: "Daddy's Girl," "Mayhem"

Video: "Daddy's Girl"

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Tammi Savoy and The Chris Casello Combo
Rhythm and Roll (Dyna Electro Recordings)

Earthiness has an elegance all its own. Here, captured exquisitely in 40s and 50s raiment, it gives inspiration to delicious nocturnal interactions, hot blood all a-surge.

Track list"This Little Girl's Gone Rockin'," "Voodoo Voodoo," "Broken Hearted Melody" "Sweet Baby of Mine," "Them There Eyes," "Jim Dandy"

Video: "Big Sweet Baby of Mine"

Cait and the Critters
Cat'n Around (self)

No challenges or ruckus to cloud the skies, but an exclusively and most welcome outing of the pacific western swing variety. Ambling throughout luxuriant purrings and skirt-snapping sass is a jazz voice with much of piquance to share.

Recommended: "Louisiana Fairytale," "Draggin' My Heart Around," "Queer," "Cow Cow Boogie," "Take It Slow and Easy"

Video: "Louisiana Fairytale"

The Dice Cubes
Got Lucky! (self)

Waxings like this detonative one are how we can be sure the rockabilly spirit of Then can jump up Today and will surely shake lucky joints of Tomorrow. 

Recommended: "Calling All Cars," "Make Like the Heat," "Rumble Strip," "The Apeman," "Long and Lanky"

Video: "Rumble Strip"