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Friday, April 23, 2010

Easter Monkeys "Splendor of Sorrow"

The scene was Cleveland. The era, early 80s. The sound, punk swagger (meaning against-skull guitars) with expansive ideations. Why not plunge into jagged environs of greater complexity than many contemporaries (retaining all the while the brash mien)? Throw in blues swipes. It worked then. It works now. 15 vintage cuts, plus accompanying club gig DVD.

RECOMMENDED "Underpants," "My Baby Digs Graves"

-- DC Larson

Bonedome "Thinktakubator" (Summer Break)

Charged and deliriously ebullient lead-on "sandman" bursts in fully technicolor and cleverly collated spectacle. It rockets stratosphere-ward, only to shower/bombard reeling listeners with neon tonal sparks. Shards of felt hues jut from surrounding sod. Moods, paces, and inclinations whirl past like scattershot kaleidoscopic emissaries from plateaus uncharted yet universal. Progression with steely ambition, gold pot.

Recommended "Sandman, " "Steven"

-- DC Larson

Thursday, April 22, 2010