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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mars Attacks "Recaptured" (PART)

Deutschland gone-squad always honors rockabilly's halcyon primitivism, wringing tons of sweat a-flyin' fracture from the time-tested hollowbody lead/drums/standup/vocals w/acoustic (and trumpet -- reminding of Sonny Burgess and the Pacers). For those late to Mars Attack's austere and driving oeuvre, the band has re-recorded 26 originals and covers from their earlier and out-of-print discs. SEE SAUCERS FILL THE SKIES! THRILL TO SOUNDS OF FEVERISH ABANDON! LAUGH AS SQUARES FLEE!

Recommended "Mars Attacks," "Doggin' My Steps," "The Way I Bop," "Why, Jimmy Bill"

"Doggin' My Steps" vid:

Rhythm Dragons "Chomp Chomp Chew Chew" (self)

Perhaps Arizona's surest wager for neo-billy success writ big, this decade-strong hollowbody blast-cell balances reliably old-school bop with headturning creative courage; unafraid to fence-hop over orthodox genre boundaries, Anthony Vincent, Josh Gihle, and Chris Redfield ensure that every note matters, each rhythm rolls. Look for them on a stage near you, and know that the cats and kittens will be pickin' 'em up and puttin' 'em down.

Recommended "Pin Up," "Chomp Chomp Chew Chew," "113 Degrees," "Miserable Rain"

Live in Phoenix:

Gary Setzer and Barry Ryan "Rockabilly Express"

Gary Setzer and Barry Ryan
"Rockabilly Express" (Raucous)

Fortunately, everything one would hope for from this formidable-talents pairing -- neo-rockabilly as fleet and trenchant as it is ever-cognizant of melody. Diverse American roots idioms rub shoulders in fraternal congress. Old is fast-forwarded into today by distorto-stomp. Smashes clean through surrounding pop-foppery.

Recommended "Las Vegas Blues," "Hot Train To Hell," "Barry's Breakdown," "Hot Head, Cold Feet"

"Hot Train To Hell" vid:

American Patrol "The American Way"

American Patrol
"The American Way" (American Patrol Records)

"Truth, justice, and liberty, good folks stand by what they say," reads the liner, articulating the general traditional values-vibe. That this uplifting, western-swing 'billy actually is true to early rockers' 'I'm so glad I'm livin' in the USA' patriotic spirit -- and that twang-committed co-captains Jerry Sikorski and Jim Leslie number Ray Campi and Stevie Ray Vaughn among previous colleagues -- is all you need to know before buying. And that this works. 

Recommended "The American Way," "Greatest Love," "Big Time Boogie Woogie Shuffle," "Glory Hallelujah"

"The American Way" vid: